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Tim Smith, Chef/Owner tells us about his journey to creating “Craft Barbecue” in Bucks County.

I began my BBQ “hobby”10 yrs. ago. Little did I know then how it would grab me and turn into such an obsession and a growing business.  In 2014 I decided to give it a go and bought our first food truck. I wanted to see if my Texas style Craft BBQ would sell to the public. I travelled the circuit to food trucks events throughout the area. It worked out really well and people enjoyed my BBQ.  I continued to work hard and practice the craft to where we are today.

In 2019 Tim took a BBQ road trip throughout Texas, the home of Craft BBQ. This was certainly an inspiring and eye opening trip.  He was able to visit a variety of established and new BBQ restaurants and trucks. Tim says, “It was great to taste their BBQ and hear their stories of success.” His main takeaway was, in addition to their hospitality was their ability to concentrate on just a few meats and sides, and perfect them.

We then transitioned into catering wedding, corporate events, backyard BBQs as well as selling to the public. It’s been quite a ride and we hope that you will join us and taste real Craft BBQ.


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